We work with


Our milk is sold to the independent organic dairy company Naturmælk.


Our meat is
sold through Friland.

Skærtoft Mill

Manure is exchanged for feed to a mutual benefit.

The farm at Stensigmose

Stensigmose is situated on the 43 km2 large peninsula "Broagerland" between Sønderborg Bay and Flensborg Fjord. Broagerland is part of the municipality of Sønderborg, and the land belonging to Stensigmose stretches about 1.200 m along the coast by Sønderborg Bay. This amounts to almost 1.600 m if all leased land is included as well.

The old maps from 1870 show that the coast has come 30-40 m closer to the farm over the years as a consequence of the many winter storms. In some places, almost 70 m have dissappeared.

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The farm is situated on the top of a hill about 300 m from from the sandy cliffs.
The area is also called "Dynt Mark".